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#10-220 Betts Ave., Saskatoon

#12 2nd St. S, Martensville

6001 12th St., Rosthern

315B Main St., Biggar

218 Franklin St., Outlook

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Group Hug Laughing Sunglasses 1280×853Everyone should have a good pair of sunglasses, from 0-100 years old. Whether you wear prescription eyeglasses or not, sunglasses are important for every age. While sunglasses may be considered a must-have fashion accessory, even more importantly, they play a critical role in protecting your eyes from UV (ultraviolet) and other harmful radiation from the sun. Diseases such as Cataracts and Macular Degeneration can worsen due to the exposure of UV light.  They also shield your eyes from wind, dust and debris that could cause discomfort, dryness or damage and can help prevent the development of crows feet and wrinkles around the eyes.

Sunglasses should be worn in the winter as well as the summer and should be 100% UV blocking. This doesn’t mean that you have to pay a fortune for your shades. Even cheaper brands of sunglasses are made these days with full UV protection, so take the extra time to ensure you select ones that do offer full protection from the sun’s rays.

Doctors Vision Care offers a wide variety of Sunglasses options, from non-prescription to polarized prescription sunglasses. For all ages and every occasion, we are able to find the best fit and option for you. We also offer specialty sunglasses for performance and sports to enhance vision, allowing for an optimal experience.

Come by any of our Doctors Vision Care locations for a look at our collections!