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#12 2nd St S., Martensville | 855.651.3311 (toll free)

1002 6th St., Rosthern | 855.651.3311 (toll free)

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#10-220 Betts Ave , Saskatoon

#12 2nd St S., Martensville

1002 6th St., Rosthern

#223 Main St., Biggar

218 Franklin Street, Outlook

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Home » What's New » Optomap has come to Doctors Vision Care Martensville.

Optomap has come to Doctors Vision Care Martensville.

Optomap is a state of the art retinal camera, which allows our doctors to get an even better look at the back of the eye. Many retinal cameras are only able to take a photo of the central 30 degrees, while the technology of the Optomap now allows us to take photos of 200 degrees. Doctors Vision Care prides itself in keeping up with all the latest technology to create a more thorough and comprehensive eye exam. Come to our Martensville location to check out this amazing and innovative technology today!


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